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Software Building and Maintenance

When building a new type of software, several issues should be considered. The first question the engineer needs to ask is, "what is the main purpose of this software?" The answer will inform all other aspects moving forward. While tweaking and refining the system, it is helpful to constantly refer back to this question. Usually, the most successful software will simplify the completion of complex tasks. If the engineer wishes to sell their software, it will have to fulfill a need that no other programs can.

Interface and Functionality

When creating a system that has mass appeal, the two key areas to focus on are interface and functionality. The former should make it easy for novice computer users to interact with the system to achieve their goals. The latter is more focused on the inner workings of the software itself and how it completes tasks. The two elements are not universally exclusive. For example, in Java 8, they work as a functional interface.

Creating Updates

Maintenance will be a significant part of software development. Once the initial version of the program has been completed, the engineer does not simply leave it. Instead, they have to constantly create updates to keep up with the ever-changing cyber world. Sometimes the update will be used to fix an internal flaw within the system. Other times it protects the software from security threats. Building software that lasts requires the developer to refine and improve it over an extended period.